Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast

Blue Cross Blues

October 19, 2020 IndieWorks Theatre Company Season 1 Episode 2
Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast
Blue Cross Blues
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Season 1 Episode 2: Blue Cross Blues 
Book by Ed Levy, Music and Lyrics by Neil Radisch

Bill and his wife, Michelle, are just a normal American couple who must go up "against the man" to get what they are owed... a check reimbursement for his insurance claim. But as anyone who has had insurance knows, that's anything but easy! In this charming and hilarious satirical send-up of our healthcare system, we journey with Bill as he attempts to get through to customer service, navigate billing codes, and dodge bill collectors all in hopes of one day receiving that $10,000 check!

Starring: Lance Roberts, Karen Mason, Ann Harada and Alan H. Green, with Andy Roninson and Sierra Rein.

Also featuring Andrew Fox, Christopher Michaels, Erin Oechsel, Jonathon Lynch, and Yvette Monique Clark in the ensemble.
Directed by Christopher Michaels
Music Direction: Jonathon Lynch
Orchestrations and Sound Design: Andrew Fox
Tracking Engineer and Editor: Andrew Fox
Additional Tracking: Evan Feist
Mixing and Mastering: Jay Rosen
General Management: Jeremy Terry

Special thanks to Evan Feist and Michael Kostroff for their work on this episode.

Bite-Sized Broadway is an IndieWorks Theatre Production created by Jonathon Lynch. Executive Producers: Christopher Michaels and Jeremy Terry. Produced by Jonathon Lynch and Andrew Fox. Bite-Sized Broadway Theme Song written and performed by Michael Perrie, Jr. 

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Act I: The Play
Act II: Artist Talkback
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