Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast

Sheila the Tiny Turtle

November 29, 2021 Season 1 Episode 8
Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast
Sheila the Tiny Turtle
Show Notes

Season 1 Episode 8 - Sheila the Tiny Turtle - Book and Lyrics by Caitlyn Burt, Music by Amir Shoenfeld.

In the Australian desert, a family of turtles works hard to find food for their sick mother. Sheila, the cleverest - yet smallest - turtle of the family, is mocked by her brothers for not being able to contribute due to her size. When Sheila hears about a cure located dangerously far across the desert, she determines to bring the seeds back to save her mum. While crossing the sand, Sheila encounters a kangaroo, followed by a dingo, where she is forced to use her brain instead of her size to overcome the obstacles and make her mum well.

Starring: Karli Dinardo, Lauren Elder, James Stafford, Robert Manion, Heather Makalani, and Michael Perrie Jr.

with Direction by Christopher Michaels,

Music Direction by Jonathon Lynch,

Orchestrations by Ben Plotnick and Kaitlyn Raitz of Oliver the Crow.

Sound Design and Additional Orchestrations by Andrew Fox,

and Mixing and Mastering by Jay Rosen.

Assistant Audio Engineering by Evan Feist.

Fiddle, Guitar, and Mandolin performed by Ben Plotnick,

and Cello by Kaitlyn Raitz.

General Management: Jeremy Terry

Press Representative: Off Off PR

IndieWorks Social Media Manager: Emily Cottone

Bite-Sized Broadway is an IndieWorks Theatre and Judith Manocherian Production created by Jonathon Lynch. Executive Producers: Christopher Michaels and Jeremy Terry. Produced by Jonathon Lynch, Andrew Fox, and Judith Manocherian. Bite-Sized Broadway Theme Song written and performed by Michael Perrie, Jr. 

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