Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast


December 20, 2021 IndieWorks Theatre Company Season 1 Episode 9
Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast
Show Notes

Season 1 Episode 9 - RansomWHERE? - Book by Eric Grunin, Music by Jonathon Lynch, and Lyrics by Gil Varod.

When a virus from a pop-up ad holds Grandma's computer and files for ransom, she calls her grandson Thomas to help her figure things out. After all, computers like him more than they like her! But Thomas must be quick to find the origins of the virus and unfreeze Grandma's computer before time is up or she'll lose her many precious memories stored on the hard drive. This charming and sweet new musical is played out in real-time and shows us that the joy of our memories is in the making.

Starring: Sierra Rein, Michael Perrie Jr., J. Elaine Marcos, and Cassidy Rose Layton.

with Direction by Christopher Michaels,

Music Direction by Jonathon Lynch,

Orchestrations and Sound Design by Andrew Fox,

and Mixing and Mastering by Jay Rosen.

Assistant Audio Engineering by Evan Feist.

General Management: Jeremy Terry

Press Representative: Off Off PR

IndieWorks Social Media Manager: Emily Cottone

Bite-Sized Broadway is an IndieWorks Theatre and Judith Manocherian Production created by Jonathon Lynch. Executive Producers: Christopher Michaels and Jeremy Terry. Produced by Jonathon Lynch, Andrew Fox, and Judith Manocherian. Bite-Sized Broadway Theme Song written and performed by Michael Perrie, Jr. 

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